Oil & Gas

Moon Chemical Products has served the oil and gas industry for over 50 years. Our initial introduction into the business began by toll manufacturing production chemistries for local service providers. Since then, we have expanded our presence to include a much larger and more diverse product offering for our customers. We import many raw materials from overseas manufacturers to keep our prices competitive and inventory at hand. Moon Chemical offers 24-hour service with bulk storage of finished products so our customers have the peace of mind that they will never run out of product in the middle of a job. If you are interested in outsourcing your manufacturing needs to reduce  overhead, inventory, and logistics costs, Moon Chemical is a proven fit.  Please contact us for help formulating new chemistries, refining current chemistries, or manufacturing products for a new application. Moon Chemical has successfully demonstrated these capabilities for over 50 years.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Liquid Guar Gel Slurry
Friction Reducer, Cationic and Anionic
Iron Control Agent
Corrosion Inhibitor
Scale Inhibitor
Non-Ionic Surfactant
Powdered KCL
Liquid KCL Substitute
Permanent Clay Stabilizer
Oxygen Scavenger
Instant Breaker
Delayed Beaker
Flow Back Aid

Acid Inhibitor

Production Chemistries

Scale Inhibitors
Paraffin Inhibitors
Paraffin Solvents
Corrosion Inhibitors
H2S Scavengers
Foaming Agents
Artificial Lift Aids
Soap Sticks
Oxygen Scavengers

Coiled Tubing / Wireline

Friction Reducer
Pipe on Pipe Lubricants
Xanthan Gel Slurry
Suspended Liquid Beads

Cement Additives



Fluid Loss Control Agents
Fumed Silica
Gas Migration Aids
Suspension Agents