As a private-label manufacturer, our customers typically fall into three categories:

1. An established company that needs a chemical manufacturer to meet its existing needs. Moon Chemical Products provides:
     Quality manufacturing of liquid compounds, from 55-gallon to 5,500-gallon batch sizes.
     Premium powder blending, from 1,000-pound to 10,000-pound batch sizes.
     Unsurpassed freight discounts for second- and third-party shipments with national and regional freight carriers.
     Electronic transmission of bills of lading, safety data sheets, and invoices.
     Adherence to procedure and techniques as documented in the Moon Chemical Products Quality Control Process Manual.
     Just-in-time delivery of chemical needs.

2.  An emerging company that needs assistance in enhancing and building  their chemical product line. Moon Chemical Products provides everything  listed above and the following services:
     Research and development in fine-tuning existing products.
     Research and development to develop complementary products.
     Preparation of safety data sheets.
     Compliance with D.O.T. regulations.
     Label preparation.
     Preparation of samples for testing and evaluation purposes.

3.  A company that has a problem and thinks there might be a chemical  solution. Moon Chemical Products provides everything listed above and the following services:
     An analytical process to determine the exact problem.
     Offer possible products that we feel could be a solution.
      If we don’t have a product on the shelf that will work, we will begin research and development on a product tailored to suit your specific needs.

Moon Chemical Products strives to serve our customers with integrity while providing creative and unique solutions to problems. We follow strict quality-control guidelines to ensure that each batch of chemical product is made to the highest standard possible, from raw materials through the blending process to your customer's  door.